HRH’s “Rock Against Corona”

These are dark times, dangerous times, this is a worldwide pandemic that is changing the way we think, the way we feel, the way we live. It’s attacking and affecting everything we know in some form or another. It’s not going to go away for some time but it will end one day, it has to. Every government is guiding us to reach that time where we can all get our lives back to some sort of normality. We must stay safe and well for better days ahead, and that is why we are launching our own fightback as we “Rock Against Corona“ to stay connected and soldier on together as we keep music alive.

We love our scene, it’s in our hearts and laces our souls, it gives us a kindred spirit and generates a passion for rock ‘n’ metal music celebrated by millions worldwide. We cannot let this beat us, the bands must play on, we must nurture & support the fresh talent forward, take care of the old for the new tomorrow, we must keep the beacon shining and join together to protect this worldwide community of music lovers.

Keeping music alive is our challenge, at HRH we will continue to broadcast 24/7 worldwide with more shows coming on the airwaves weekly, we have now increased our mag distribution digitally worldwide and will publish any new news we receive via our HRH Bible App, HRH Mag, Hard Rock Hell Radio and HRH TV. We won’t let any genre go, we are going to service them all and deliver those live experiences in a way that suits the world. We encourage all bands to keep playing, let’s get virtual and let us help amplify and connect you wherever we can. If you need help releasing, distributing, pressing, PR, or any other label / media service available to us, let us know, if we can help we will. This is a social crusade and our community is everything, we must look after each other, so we can all join together when the time is right and celebrate the end of this awful crisis.

The WAR has begun, the fightback has commenced, lock horns & join our shield wall in any way possible and lets “Rock Against Corona” & as dear old Lemmy said…”Don’t let the bastard grind ya down”…

We Need Each Other

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Keep Music Alive for Better Days Ahead.